It's been almost a week since I put anything down here, and even then it was a one-liner.
Things have been rather hectic for me the past month. When you're freelancing, hectic is good. I've also registered my own business, which will deal primarily in web and print design, the details of which I will reveal when more things are settled.
Over the weekend I joined the Canon Photomarathon, hoping to win myself the new Canon 20D. The general consensus after results were released were one of "what the heck was that?". No explanation was given as to why the winning entries were the winning entries. We were puzzled as to why a photo that was underexposed (the whole bottom half of the photo was a blurred black) won. It is times like these when I wonder if I'm supposed to be in the creative business; whether all this creative stuff is only understood by a select few who have their own secret handshakes.
Despite my disappointment (the audience did go "oooo" when my photo was put up on the big screen) at winning nothing, I learnt a few things along the way. Namely one old man who told me to go closer to my subject, which was being photographed by at least seven photographers. I was there first, but it's all fair game. The old man's photo won him a second prize, while mine looked like I accidentally pressed the shutter button. The first winning entry looked like that too, and I was hoping to capitalise on that.
I haven't been feeling myself these past few months. Maybe it's due to the decrease in physical activity. My heart-rate beats about 80 per minute, as opposed to the 60 I used to clip. My muscles also strain easier when I flex, and tremble when I consciously hold them still. I need to get a full body checkup, but I also need to get some exercise before my 2 week service in the army next month. It's a chicken and egg scenario: I'm waiting to feel better to exercise, and I may not feel better unless I exercise.
It's been very tiring, and sometimes discouraging, but I'm hanging in there.

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