Blood Test Results

I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I often imagine the worst when it comes to health problems. Before receiving my blood test results yesterday, my mind ran amok with thoughts as wild as me catching an airborne version of HIV, or that I had arteries so clogged my heart had to beat so much faster to keep up.
The doc says I have hyperthyroidism. He's quite surprised that I considered my 90 heartbeats per minute fast, casually commenting that sitting on that chair the whole day gave him a someone similiar beat rate. I'm used to my 55 – 60 beats at rest, feeling better than I do now and not getting myself into confrontations all the time. My cholesterol and everything else is stellar, according to the doc, inspiring me to eat with an even more reckless abandon.
I'm heading back to the clinic on Monday to diagnose whether it is Graves Disease or Hashimoto's (two variants of hyperthyroidism) that I suffer from.
People in church are telling me that I should take it easy, but it's hard now that a number of us in the youth committee have left church, and there's always physical work to be done. I can't bring myself to sit and watch someone else do it. I can't even sit still while Faith or my mother-in-law cleans house when I badly need a break.
Thank you all for your concern. I'm now down with a viral infection on top of the thyroid problem. And there's John's and Clara's wedding this weekend to prepare for. Decorating the church and taking photos on the main day. Argh. I need to shake this bug off.

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