Chapter 2

Came home from a meeting with old IRC friends to find Faith in bed still with her glasses on. Strewn on the bed are children's story books. She had fallen asleep, exhausted from reading her childhood treasures to our child that was still in her tummy.
It is truly a most precious sight to behold. Much as she would deny it, I really believe she has what it takes to be a fantastic mother. I don't know how I'll fare as a dad, but having such a capable helpmate beside me is comforting.
I'm up for a blood test tomorrow. The doctor suspects that I'm suffering from hyper-thyroid, which my mum also had a few years ago. After talking with mum, it seems I have all the symptoms she suffered from, but I'm going through with the blood test anyway.
One of the symptoms, according to mum, was being "high-strung". That would explain a lot of things. Over the course of the last two weeks, I have gotten antagonistic with at least two people.
The first one was a man who cut the queue at 7-11. After I told him rather firmly to get in line, he threw the parking coupons he just purchased on the counter. A verbal exchanged continued and he asked me to step outside. I reacted with incredulity, and said something to the effect "so old still want to fight" (you're a grown man behaving like a kid, kinda statement). He got really pissed and thought I meant that he'd lose, being so old. He was in his 40s, thick gold bracelet around his wrist, dark from the sun. I wanted the last word, but what I got was a reassuring hand that grasped my arm. She didn't nag me or chide me, but comforted me in the fact I did my part for society by calling him out, and that a fight wasn't the best way to go.
I still reel with amazement thinking what a cool girl I had for a wife.
The second one happened this afternoon. I was withdrawing money from the teller machine when this guy just stood there looking over my shoulder. Agitated, I asked him if I could help him. He smiled, diry cigarette in his mouth and mumbled something. I stopped my transactions and walked away.
I'm normally more mild-mannered than this. When I was a young boy I fought everyday. I fought not because I was angry, but because I was good at it. I knew all the manuveurs, to the point no one wanted to "spar" with me anymore. I don't know if my recent outbursts are due to my lack of fitness and my wanting to believe I still have it in me.
Pray that God's work on my character will not fade, and that I stop doing stupid things.

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