Slim 10

Sorry it's been real quiet around here. I've been facing the exact same thing <a href="">Simplebits
Dan faced with his fever</a>. Namely that business goes on whether or not you're sick when you're a one-man-show.
I pushed myself over the weekend, putting up church decorations for John and Clara's wedding and the phototaking that took up the whole day. Sunday was torn apart by meeting after meeting. I lost another 2.5 kilos just over the weekend. My doctor is starting to panic a little. I can't go on thyroid medication yet due to the very persistent flu bug that refuses to leave me. I'm now 10kg lighter than my normal self. It's almost painful to look in the bathroom mirror. From some angles I look like a starving Somalian. It's the case when you have most of the symptoms of hyper-thyroidism, save the appetite.
Deadlines loom real close, especially with most of December taken up by army re-training and a short trip.
So much to do, so little time.

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