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I don't know how I got here. Somehow I've been made the designated "designer" for church stuff. I'm not a designer. As a child I didn't even like to draw. As a web designer I'm more concerned that all elements, visual or otherwise, convey a strong and concise intended message than for it to look aesthetically pleasing. Problem is, the general public doesn't read into the nuances of design. They simply like it or don't.
I remember a few months ago I slaved away at a church camp shirt design. The constraints were quite phenomenal. I had to have bilingual message on a small patch on the front left of a polo shirt. It took me hours to come out with something that looked quite dismal frankly. While in the elevator at the camp, I overheard a "this year's camp shirt is really ugly". Wow. It was like one of those times you wished you disappeared because you farted in the elevator and everyone knew it was you. When they discovered that it was me (still in the elevator), I almost wished the elevator cable would snap and we'd reach the ground floor faster.
Again, I don't know how I got here. Despite all that, I'm still working at camp booklets logos and such. I'm in this position because our resident genius illustrator took a much deserved break. I can't believe he does this year after year.
I suppose I take design from a my own half-baked perspective. The message, is to me, the single most important thing in design. Every pixel I add has to contribute to communicating the message in some way. This usually turns out rather long-drawn, as I have to explain every detail to people before they think I didn't intentionally make it look that bad.
It takes me close to forever to come up with something I like. I need to work on my visual designing skills, to somehow merge cognitive and aesthetic. I'd much rather be working on words, but this does open up a whole new world.
Please, don't sing the Aladdin song. 🙂

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