Time Is Fleeting

I went back to Tucson Chinese Baptist yesterday night. I felt so old when I saw the children at church. Some of the high schoolers were now college students, and the previously two-feet tall children were now three feet tall. It is a common misconception that hanging out with young people makes you feel young. When you see how much they changed over a year and a half, and how little you've changed, the passage of time, accompanied by the realisation of life's brevity becomes very apparent.
Sitting there in the dark, I marvelled at how God kept each and every one of them. How my Arizonan brethren reminded me of my Singaporean brethren. And how irreconcilable the two: that I had to choose to spend my lifetime with one and not the other. It would be easier not to choose and live life passively, taking things as they come. Can't Arizona wait for me till I'm done with Singapore? Do I have to miss out on your live's best moments because I was so many miles away?
I want to be there through it all. All the tears, all the laughter, everything. I don't want to leave Monday. But I don't want to be away from Singapore either.

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