Viva Las Vegas

The free Wifi at McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas is certainly a welcome treat now that our flight has been delayed for two hours.
Just before I left, I told Faith that airports always gave me an exciting feeling; it felt like I was standing at portals to different worlds. Faith told me that airports made her sad. It made her feel like someone without a home.
Sitting here at McCarren, I now know what she means. I've made mental mistakes twice now, thinking that I'm flying home to Singapore. The time in the US has been good in reminding me of how much I love this place, and also how much I miss Singapore.
At Tucson I had the chance to speak to Zahid, a friend I had made on my very first day in school. We spent the ensuing months having very late dinners at Carl's Jr., musing over how we missed being home. We were utterly alike in our outlook to life, twins brothers in different skins and from different countries
Now a number of years later, we met and exchanged the answers to which we sought. Ever since leaving Tucson, I've always wondered what it would have been like had I stayed back and brought Faith over with me. Jobs here are easier to seek, and qualifications from here are better recognised.
Zahid lived the life of my wondering. He has a pretty high profile job in the same company Min is working at. This huge land of opportunity is also a land of loneliness for those of us who yearn for the company of childhood friends. His experiences answers my many questions, and my being married and living in my own home answers many of his. Having these answers doesn't make me stop wondering, I guess. I've passed through too many forks in the road, too many what-ifs, too many lives not lived and paths not taken.

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