It has been quiet here for the past week because I found that nothing I could say seemed relevant in light of the recent tragedy. The numerous methods of donating money were all over the web and telly. No observation of life or funny joke was more deserving of my reflection than a moment of silence.
That being said, quite a few people have wondered if I were still living. I'm came home from the US five days earlier. I had initially planned to surprise Faith, but somewhere between San Diego and Los Angeles, I couldn't bear her holding back her tears and told her I was driving to the airport, and flying back Christmas Day.
Many things happened in the US. On the flight there, I developed an allergy to the hyperthroidism medication I had been taking for two weeks. I started scratching my feet while in the plane, and by the time I landed, I had hives all over my legs. 3 hours of driving to Palm Springs later, the allergy was making its way to my neck.
A couple of doses of anti-histamine and two days later, the driving resulted in back spasms that hurt quite badly. If you talked to my parents you would have thought I was dying, but it wasn't really that bad. Parents tend to exaggerate things.
There are many other things, but I'll save them up for a more robust posting.

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