Freeze Frames

<img alt="Dan Chia, Sharon, Dan Ng, Jaclyn, Daryl, Casandra and Vanessa in a 10 sec shutter shot" src="" width="400" height="267" />
This was taken a few minutes prior to midnight, on a beach lit only by a 7-11 store about 40 meters away. In order to get enough light into the lens for a properly exposed picture, we had to have the shutter open for 10 secs, which meant that everyone had to hold perfectly (or almost perfectly) still for that duration.
Somewhere in the middle of the impromptu photoshoot session, I blurted out that this was the best waste of 20 secs (we were doing 20 second shots at that time) of my life. The laughter spoilt that picture, but it occurred to me that we had something more than a photo here.
We always talk about how photos freeze the moment. Having to physically freeze these guys while waiting for the shutter to close somehow made the photos "fuller". If an eternity could indeed be contained in a moment, we had 10 secs worth of moments, 10 seconds worth of bonding; we had 10 secs of our lives holding still, sitting next to each other, all captured in this one picture.
Me? I'm the shadow in the foreground.

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