Sleeping Arrangements

You know you're a little too tired when you find yourself putting all sorts of weird things in the fridge, and leaving what should have been put in outside.
I need some advice. Anne's doing ok, I guess. She's hungry almost all the time, and insists on sleeping right after feeding, pressed up against Faith. We think she just enjoys having a warm body to cozy up to. If we make this a habit, we're kinda afraid we'll have to have her sleeping in our bed till she's 60. We're not sure if we're spoiling her and placing ourselves in a precarious position of never ever having space to ourselves.
Or would it be better to tolerate her crying and just leave her in her cot? Didn't think we'd come to crossroads and tradeoffs so quickly, but she's learning the rules of the game fast, and especially how to beat them.

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