Facing the Music

We're planning to bring Anne to church in a few hours. She's been well-behaved so far tonight, but acting up a little now.
I've never been a parent before, but I can tell you there's a bit of pressure presenting the now one-month-old kiddo to the world. It's typical Asian fashion for everyone to throw in their two-cents worth of parenting skill.
If I had to use IRC-talk to predict some of the things I'll be hearing, there'll probably be a lot of "OMG!!! YOU GUYS HAVE HER ON THE PACIFIER!!!" or in hushed tones, "anne's gas release is pretty strident. didn't you use to have gas problems as a kid?"
I guess I'm being overly prepared when I make a mental list of the "you shouldn't have"s I'm going to have to hear. We've crossed many lines we originally didn't intend you. As an observer the lines seemed pretty solid. At 3am and your eyeballs bloodshot from not having slept for the last 72 hours, it's "lines, what lines?".
Anne's lying on my lap right now (OMG YOU PUT HER IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER MONITOR!!!) and I'm inclined to do the Chinese parent thing and tell her not to embarass me and pretend to be supercute baby for a few hours. You know what Anne? To heck with it. Be yourself. It's the best time in your life to. Fart as loud as you want, bawl if you wish. The world will just have to deal with your arrival.
I deal with it every night. And there are moments I see with perfect clarity how great of a blessing you are in my life.

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