If You've Nothing Good to Say

I had an interview for a television segment on the new series "40 on 40", which covers 40 trends Singapore has seen in its 40 years of indepedence.
The trend which I'm a participant of is the massive outflow of students who further their education overseas.
I am pretty sure I came across as a bumbling idiot, but we'll have to see how the miracles of video editing somehow salvage my non-existent public image. I was running a temperature and feeling generally down in the dumps. Having to talk about Arizona and the good memories I had made in my few years of living there made my flu-induced lousiness feel more unbearable.
The first question was: What did you bring back from Arizona? For example, do you drive differently, use slang words that you acquired there?
In retrospect, I'm pretty much the same person I was when I left. Maybe I'm a little more vocal, but God forbid that I come home all cool and hip, complete with an accent so thick you could make agar-agar with it.
I told the director off-camera that I didn't want this to turn into an anti-Singapore rant. But how can current-situation Singapore compete with memories of Arizona cloaked with the feel-good of nostalgia? Memories are often illusions, and illusions have no flaws.

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