Making the L33t

Make a mental note of this: I was here first. This whole blogging business. Before Movabletype, Livejournals, Greymatter, Blogger, a few of us were hacking out our blogs on borrowed copies of MS Frontpage.
You speak of the "golden age of blogging" like it was a new thing. That <a href="">Mr. Brown is the ah kong* of blogging</a>. <a href="">Xiaxue</a> is the ah soh* of blogging. So on and so forth.
We've already had our golden age, long before these rookies came into town on their smelly little asses. <a href="">Nickpan naming his firstborn after a PDA</a>, one of the first collaborative Singaporean blogs <a href="">Chronoscape</a> breaking down because the writers had their own blogs going, or when this very site went down after <a href="">getting 30 thousand hits in a day</a>. You had to be there.
So don't label me sceptical when I don't as much raise an eyebrow with all this buzz on blogging. What I am concerned with, however, is the event that might destroy all that we hold dear.
*ah kong and ah soh – The Emperor and Jabba the Hutt respectively.<strong>August 2004:</strong> <a href="" title="wikipedia on Lee Hsien Loong">Lee Hsien Loong</a> is inaugurated as the third Prime Minister of Singapore, a post <a href="" title="wikipedia on Lee Kwan Yew">his father</a> held for 25 years.
<strong>March 2005:</strong> Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong <a href="">formalises the Singapore Elite</a>, instituting a class-based (or caste-based) system, giving the common man hope that he too can one day be part of the elite. But we know better.
<strong>July 2005:</strong><a href="">The First Singapore Bloggers Convention</a>.
It is this convention that we should be worried about.
The government plays a vital role in this convention, <a href="">striking at the very sustenance of the event</a>. Where we have always operated under the radar, some <a href="">idiots couldn't keep their legs shut</a> and <a href="">leeroyed</a> us.
The planning committee behind this convention was set up by secret invitation. Characteristically Singaporean. No democratic process here. I had some ideas that might have made the convention worth attending, but I didn't know the secret handshake.
This is a taste of things to come. You can't crack the elite. Not in real life Singapore, and certainly not in virtual Singapore. You may also want to note that, like its real life counterpart, this blogging elite that currently meets to plan this insidious event, is led by one man.
Sure, you have the lackeys. <a href="">Grunts who do the dirty work</a>, <a href="">traitors</a> who went to the Dark Side in <a href="">the new hope of finding a good time</a>. Even a <a href="">mysterious hooded character</a> who's actually a decoy.
George Lucas saw this coming. It is not the Emperor you should fear. We all know the Emperor is evil. It is the subtleties of Senator Palpatine that will be the end of the Rebellion.
This Palpatine, ladies and gentlemen, is <a href="">Mr. Brown</a>, whose real name is Lee Kin Mun. <strong>Lee</strong> Kin Mun. Lee, as in Lee Hsien Loong and Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Kin Mun is the most dangerous Lee yet.
His <a href="">Meme to write your own government conspiracy</a> (<a href="">also here</a>) regarding the conference is merely a tool to find out who knows the truth, and how much. You can be sure those weak in the farce will <a href="" rel="tag" title="technorati tag for sgblogconspiracy">succumb to such mind tricks</a>.
If you are reading this, it might mean I'm already dead. Consider yourselves warned.
The blogosphere used to be the place we could overtly plan rebellions, but now we are reduced to <a href="" title="WHY LUCASFILM CHOSE SINGAPORE">hiding behind Star Wars analogies</a>. We are but a shadow of our former selves.

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