Open Speech Bites Back

Nothing to draw the good old ugly Singaporean out like a little money.
The guys at the <a href="">Youth Portal Project</a> offered a top prize of $2000 to the winner of their <a href="">Web Design Contest</a>. Over a hundred entries were submitted, including my <a href="">two-hour last ditch effort</a>, which was subsequently rejected from the top 5 list.
In the <a href=""> forums</a> where non-shortlisted designs were being revealed and comments on the top 5 exchanged, Patrick Ong innocently drops a question: <a href="">Why those 5 designs?</a> He proceeds to insist that the internet community be allowed to view all 100+ and vote for their favourites. Also in the same thread, he dismisses the top 5 as "disappointing", and suggests that they were possibly chosen because the judges were fatigued, having had to go through more than a hundred, or that the designers were friends or relatives with the judges…you get the idea.
Then it gets interesting. In another thread, he <a href="">reveals his design</a>. They discover that <a href="">you can buy Patrick's submission off Templatemonster</a>. And no, it wasn't designed by Patrick.
Back in the previous forum thread, he starts getting all defensive when the general public doesn't see that democracy is best served only when his design wins. He states that his company has 100+ designers, so on and so forth.
And he still thinks everyone else is stupid for not having chosen his design.
I'm amazed.

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