Baby Blues

Anne hasn't been sleeping at all well these past two days. The crying fit she threw yesterday was the longest I've seen her throw by far. She literally cried till no sound came out of her. No provocation, no drop or rise in temperature, no loud noises were needed to help her start. She just breaks out crying.
Also, she has refused to sleep in the cot on her back. She'd continually rub her face with her mittened hands or punch herself on the noggin, which wakes her up. And waking means… refer to paragraph one.
So Faith and I hold her close to comfort her, and sleep half reclined with her still on us.
One possible reason could be that Anne is ill. She started coughing yesterday night. It has been hard to ask friends and relatives suffering from the flu to keep their distance. Somewhere our vigilance faltered when it seemed Anne had not fallen ill even when coughed on and handled by less than sanitary hands. Faith and I had hoped that common sense and consideration would prevail, and that we would not have to tread the minefield of euphemisms in order to preserve the peace and keep relations going.
Now that Anne is ill (and crying), preserving the peace is a moot point. Preserving our child's well-being becomes a priority. Our sanity is at stake. We now suffer the consequences of our inaction.
I have to be mad at someone. Right now I'm mad at myself for not having been firmer. Next time I hope I'll be gentle for your sake, but immovable for Anne's.

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