Beauty Sleeping

It's 5 in the morning. I've had Anne asleep on my stomach (<a href="" title="Anne Sleeping on my tummy">like here</a>) for more than an hour to kinda settle her in. About fifteen minutes after I put her down, she start rubbing her face vigorously again.
At some point we thought we had it down pat. Anne was sleeping almost through the night and we were feeling really blessed and all. The glimpse of parenting heaven lasted only a week and a half. Anne would rub her face with her mitten-covered hands, kick her way out of any ingenious swaddling restraints and eventually wake herself up in the process. By the morning her face would look like it got hit by a truck.
So for the past number of nights (I say number because I can't remember how many due to prolonged sleep deprivation, <strong>and blogging about sleep deprivation</strong>) I've been carrying her, walking her back and forth in the hopes of settling her down enough to get her some shuteye. It was like <a href="">Day Three</a> again.
A few moments ago I decided to try putting Anne to sleep on her tummy. Now before any of you goes postal on me: yes, I know about <acronym title="Sudden Infant Death Syndrome">SIDS</acronym>. Yes, I know I'll absolutely hate myself if anything bad happens to Anne. But I also know that she doesn't get the rest she needs because of her flailing arms and legs when she lies on her back.
Faith said that putting her on her tummy probably doesn't mean we get more sleep. We'll just wake up more often to check on her. But it isn't the issue of getting more sleep; I just don't want her to wake herself up every half an hour, suffer from a tomato-y red and raw face in the morning or become extremely dependent on having to lie on us in order to get her sleep.
So should my baby sleep on her back or her stomach? All the baby books unequivocally state that I should be putting her on her back. <a href="">This report</a> in particularly has me all freaked out. But my grandma, who has been a midwife for more than half a century tells us to put her on her tummy. We've refrained and "listened to the experts" till now. It is comforting to know <a href="">other parents face the same problem</a>, and many did the same as we've done tonight.
It's a really hard decision, fraught with a lot of self-doubt and confusing expert advice. I hope I'm doing the right thing. I really, really do.

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