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Re-minisce says,
<blockquote>It still offends me that people use "personal blogs" as a vehicle to fame, since I'm one of the (if not the only) purists left who believes in words, and… people. And thoughts, and freedom; and sincerity.</blockquote>
I think you can only be a purist if you take out the people element. Once you establish the fact that blogging is a form of communication, however cathartic an activity for yourself, you write for an audience.
It's like vanity. Some people are more concerned with looking good. They have open in another browser window to aid their use of big words in an attempt to come across as intellectual. Others take photos of themselves wearing miniskirts and sitting on the floor, then contort their legs in unnatural angles to come across as sexy and titillating. Others just go nekkid.
You can't help but care what people read when you blog. It is only the extent of your obsession with the outward appearance that differs.
You want to be a purist? Write on pen and paper. But even then there's the nagging agenda of people finding it after you're dead. Do you really want them to know everything? I've heard of diaries that were written as a parting shot at a hated relative; a means of having the last word.
So here's to the purists out there:
<ol><li>Write on pen and paper</li>
<li>Look at it hard and long; memorise it</li>
<li>Burn it and scatter the ashes</li>
<li>A week later, rewrite everything (plus the new stuff), so you don't forget your memories</li></ol>

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