Covert Operations

While most of you were sleeping, I:
<ul><li>picked a half-awake Anne up and carried her, pacing up and down the length of our rather small house hoping she'd go back to sleep</li>
<li>cleared the sofa of three remote controls, a box of tissues, a handbag, mobile phone and a rather thick book with my toes, balanced on one leg while still carrying Anne in my arms.</li>
<li>lay down with Anne on my tummy and fell asleep for a few minutes before she started wiggling again</li>
<li>paced about some more</li>
<li>put her down, attempted to swaddle her to prevent her from punching or kicking herself awake, but without success</li>
<li>resorted to using my hands to hold down her hands, and my knees to hold down her feet, resulting in an awkward maneuver that was out of kilter with the natural position my skeletal structure could assume in earth's gravity</li>
<li>held myself and Anne in that position for an hour while she feel asleep</li>
<li>slumped myself beside her, hands still holding down her hands and one knee making her legs don't kick, buying myself about thirty minute's worth of sleep</li>
<li>spent twenty minutes lying beside a now fully-awake Anne, who decides to speak to me in her pidgin of baby babble and fist-in-mouth mumbling</li></ul>
It's a brand new day.

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