Pot, Kettle, and Crockery

I've never been a fan of <a href="">Xiaxue</a>. Sure, she's won numerous blog awards with her brash, in-your-face insensitivity. After a brief read about how she didn't give up her seat to a pregnant lady on the train because she "didn't ask her to get pregnant", I stopped reading. It was worth neither the time, effort, nor exasperation reading the writings of so callous a human being.
But when I read that <a href="">her site got hacked</a>, I felt sorry for her. Hacking into another's personal blog is utterly repugnant behaviour. Even if our opinions didn't agree, Xiaxue had a right to a voice. I thought I'd go see what the hacker wrote, and hoped that her archives were still intact.
Her site was up by the time I got there, with no visible signs of damage. Then I read the <a href="">Xiaxue's latest entry about how she doesn't condone nudity on blogs</a>. Not too long ago, Sarong Party Girl caused a ruckus on the Singapore blogosphere when she put up artistic photos of herself complete with nipples. She shot to fame thanks to the shock factor, largely similar to Xiaxue's own, albeit slightly less visual, claim to fame.
I find it odd that Xiaxue, whose has quite the gigantic banner of herself wearing a short skirt, seated on a beanbag and trying hard not to expose her own genitalia while wearing a t-shirt that says "wholesome sluts" would possess such a conservative view. Doesn't she know that she's already an advocate for the behaviour she now says she abhors? You can't blame the "young and naive", as she puts it, for taking it a step further.
Xiaxue, you've always been a strong, opinionated woman. I wish you'd show more strength in your opinion this time round.

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