Write No Wrong

I remember a sunny morning after class when my English professor walks up beside me and asks whether I would write poetry or prose, given a choice between the two.
"Prose", I answered. Maybe I needed the structure, a crutch upon which to lean. But when I read a poem that hits home, I know that I said prose because I could hide behind the verbiage that structure brings. Poetry is the language of the heart without the bullshit of the mind.
Over the last week I managed to watch <a href="">Before Sunrise</a> and <a href="">Before Sunset</a>, a tale of two strangers meeting, and the conversation that ensued. The movie was simplicity at its finest – no soundtrack or slow-mo to heighten any portion of what the characters said. A romance, like how it would happen in real life.
Anyway. A scene in the movie has our two lovebirds walking by a river in Vienna and confronted by a homeless writer who asks them for a word, with which he would compose a poem with, and receive whatever wage they deemed fair to give him.
Two strangers in a distant land, having just met. Falling in love. The word was "milkshake".
<blockquote>Daydream delusion<br />
Limousine Eyelash<br />
Oh, baby with your pretty face<br />
Drop a tear in my wineglass<br />
Look at those big eyes<br />
See what you mean to me<br />
Sweet cakes and milkshakes<br />
I am a delusion angel<br />
I am a fantasy parade<br />
I want you to know what I think<br />
Don't want you to guess anymore<br />
You have no idea where I came from<br />
We have no idea where we're going<br />
Launched in life<br />
Like branches in the river<br />
Flowing downstream<br />
Caught in the current<br />
I'll carry you. You'll carry me<br />
That's how it could be<br />
Don't you know me<br />
Don't you know me by now</blockquote>
If I had the courage to love without reservation and live without hesitation, I would write poetry. But I am afraid that if you removed the protection prose offered, you'd find a man of very little substance.
Don't you know me. Don't you know me by now.

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