Humanise Your President

So here's the less cerebral post I promised.
It's a neat party trick I've been using to keep children occupied ever since Singapore decided to have our first President Yusof bin Ishak grace our dollar bills. I'll use the $2 bill, as it's the largest I currently own.
Here's the $2 with the vacant expression.
<img alt="Unmolested two-dollar bill" src="" width="400" height="307" class="img-center" />
<h4>Prep Your President</h4>
Fold the bill vertically down the President's eyes, like here.
<img alt="Two-dollar bill with one fold" src="" width="400" height="301" class="img-center" />
<img alt="Two-dollar bill with two folds" src="" width="400" height="337" class="img-center" />
Put the two folds together and fold down the middle.
<img alt="Two-dollar bill with three folds" src="" width="400" height="359" class="img-center" />
Yes, we know it looks like cyclops, and it's funny. But quit being childish.
Open up the bill slightly, with the crease from the folds still visible. Tilt the bill up and down, and our President comes to life!
Here he is, smiling…
<img alt="Two-dollar bill smiling" src="" width="400" height="368" class="img-center" />
and here he is, rather upset.
<img alt="Two-dollar bill angry" src="" width="400" height="323" class="img-center" />
So even if we can't choose who our next President will be, we can always carry the joy they bring to our lives in our wallets.

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