Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

My parents finally took a swipe at Anne's hair.
I don't know if it's an asian or chinese thing, but everyone (down to the casual bystander) has told us that we ought to shave Anne's head bald to have her hair grow better. I couldn't bear to see my daughter bald, even though her hair was uneven in places and growing in clumps. Plus, I like the smell of her head too much to rub brandy or stout, which some swear will give babies a full head of lustrous hair.
So with half a day off for Teachers' Day, Mum decided to trim Anne's hair. She was looking around for her pair of scissors and Dad got terribly confused because he thought she was trying to cut Anne's fingernails. He couldn't understand why Mum was busting out the gigantic scissors and laying newspaper on the bathroom floor. It was only when Mum took out the comb that he realised they were talking about different things all along.
The trim went fine. Now for her fingernails…again.

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