Mens rea

A decapitated head was found in a bag at Orchard train station in Singapore. The other parts of the murder victim's anatomy were found in another bag at MacRitchie Reservoir, more than 5 kilometers away.
News has it that it is a <a href=",6418,340132,00.html?">murder of a filipino maid by a filipino maid</a>, but I find it hard to believe. There aren't enough details to be certain – it's just a gut feel.
If it were a maid kill maid scenario, why would the murderer leave the victim's head at one of Singapore's busiest train stations? Wouldn't she have wanted the evidence <strong>not</strong> to be found? The placement of the head in a highly conspicuous place is clearly the act of someone sending a message. What the message is, and to whom, we do not know. It reeks of terrorism, or at best gang activity.
Though 5 kilometers doesn't seem too far a distance, you don't walk 5 kilometers carrying a bag full of human body parts. Filipino maids in Singapore do not drive, nor do they own cars. How did she manage it?
There'll probably be answers to my questions as the case unfolds, but I'm also expecting it to "disappear" from the media in a cloud of ninja smoke. As of now, things don't quite tally. It feels like the seconds before wool is pulled over our eyes.

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