Sheep and the Goats

Led the singing in church this morning. It has never felt this difficult.
I've been following up on Katrina over the past week, reading up on the <a href="">news from the ground</a> as well as catching the new non-stop footage on CNN.
That's a lot of people dying. Dying as I type this. Dying as I go to bed. Dying as I have my breakfast. How on earth am I supposed go to church, stand behind the pulpit and ask the congregation to praise God?
I know the questions. I hear them loud and clear. I even find myself asking them. Isn't God all mighty? Isn't He a loving God? Doesn't He care?
Do I lead the singing pretending none of this happened? Do we go on about our own business as per every Sunday, thanking God that we're not there? How do we sing even simple songs saying "Thank You Lord for this day", when so many people out there are suffering?
Dearest Beloved in the Lord,
we are His hands and feet. We are His testimony here on earth. Thousands upon thousands have lost their homes, their loved ones, their jobs, everything. They're not asking for a new Mercedes Benz, or the lastest Playstation or Xbox. They need a place to live, clean water to drink and food to eat.
If we believe that God is loving, show it. If we believe that He is Almighty, as His people we cannot stand by and do nothing.
We ought not to feel nothing.
<a href="">Red Cross</a>.
<a href="">America's Second Harvest – The Nation's Food Bank Network</a>.
Here's a <a href="">comprehensive list of charities</a> you can donate to, via Instapundit.

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