Sun of Sedition

Channel NewsAsia reports <a href="">Two bloggers charged under Sedition Act over racist remarks</a> in Singapore.
The article above does not tell you what they did, except that whatever they did was racist. It also wrongly identifies the two as bloggers, when one of them didn't post on a blog but wrote in an online forum. It does everything but tell you what sedition is.
<blockquote>A person is deemed to have committed an offence under the Sedition Act if he performs any act which has a seditious tendency, or conspires with any person to do so.</blockquote>
Gee. Thank you very much. It's like back in Primary school, when asked to construct a sentence using "sedition" and going "Today, our teacher asked us to write a sentence with "sedition" in it". In Primary school you got a big fat red zero, but it passes for clarity in our local media.
You are much better reading <a href="">this account of what happened</a>.
More information, fewer words.
And by the way, courtesy of,
<ol><li>Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.</li>
<li>Insurrection; rebellion.</li></ol></blockquote>
Learned a new word today.

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