It's been an eternity since I've written. Paying work still eludes me, but I seem to be stuck with a lot of the non-paying stuff – friends of friends needing favours, that sort of thing. Throw in a flu bug and an always-awake baby, and it's no wonder Faith and I are pretty pooped.
God willing, I'll be flying down to Myanmar to visit an orphanage the end of the year. The people in charge there tell me that there is a need for:
<li>clothes, worn or new, as long as they are wearable.</li>
<li>stationary and materials for craft (pens, pencils, crayons)</li>
<li>books – ones that teach basic English (like children's alphabet) or simple English storybooks.</li>
If you have any of the above to donate, leave a comment or drop me an email. lucian at tribolum dot com, or use the <a href="/contact/">online contact form</a>.

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