Weakest Link

One of the things I cannot stand about <a href=""></a> is the manner in which they link to original articles. Instead of hyperlinking phrases like "Brian says" or "In Grace's article", the only hyperlink pointing to where you want to go is called "link", conveniently placed at the end of where they quote the original article. Doesn't anybody read <a href="">Jakob Nielsen</a> anymore?
Phrases like "click this" and "link" should <strong>never</strong> be used as hyperlinks, because they are so utterly lacking in meaning.
You're at a restaurant and you need the bathroom real bad. Only in this restaurant, instead of a sign saying "Restroom" with an arrow pointing to where you need to go, there's a sign saying "pathway" with an arrow pointing somewhere. You are expected to use your nose, smell the air, and draw contextually that the sign means to lead you to a stinking loo where you will find the relief you need.
Come on guys. Some of you are in the industry for crying out loud.

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