The glory that was Greece, the grandeur that was Rome

<blockquote><p>Helen, thy beauty is to me<br />
Like those Nicèan barks of yore<br />
That gently, o'er a perfumed sea,<br />
The weary way-worn wanderer bore<br />
To his own native shore.</p>
<p>- "To Helen", by Edgar Allan Poe</blockquote>
There's a certain magic to found only in college campuses. Maybe it's the abundance of grass, or the expanse of sky unhindered by towering office blocks. Or maybe it is how the vibrance of youth, found so concentrated there, makes everything seem more alive. Idealism thrives, untainted by reality.
I went to <acronym title="National University of Singapore">NUS</acronym> after work today in hopes of finding a Mecca of basketball to pay homage to. There was the most beautiful golden sunset. It made me miss my days at the University of Arizona.
But a greater longing pulled at me the entire evening. There I was, on the other side of the island while Faith and Anne were at home. It just felt so wrong. Not wrong as in the guilty sense of the word, but wrong – like something didn't fit. I took the first cab I saw home.
The sight of Anne smiling upon seeing me made the earth spin under my feet. I run the risk of coming across as clich&eacute;d, but the smile of a child makes everything right as rain. I felt so blessed to come home to Faith and Anne; an undeserving recipient of the most beautiful gift. And at that moment I knew that my home is right here in the present and not in a picturesque rose-tinted memory of the past. It is here beside Faith, whose eyes sparkle when she smiles, and Anne, who periodically chokes on her saliva when she laughs too hard.
God, thanks. Help me be faithful in loving them as you'd want me to.

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