The Right Audience

Wow. It's been 2 years and 2 weeks ago when I <a href="">tried preaching web standards to the business director</a> or a large local IT solutions company, and failing so miserably it was blogworthy.
Now armed with 2 years more experience but equally naive, I rambled on about how designing in line with web standards streamlined the entire web production process. This time, the shell-shocked victims of my enthusiastic onslaught were my new colleagues.
We're a small group, and we manage both the internet and intranet of one of the largest organisations in Singapore. We spend a lot of time trying to get content to "look right", employing all sorts of presentation hacks. <em>Maybe if I slot two &lt;br&gt;s, or &amp;nbsps into the empty table cells</em>. That sorta thing.
The audience makes all the difference. Web standards, till today, is still a hard sell to the businessman. They just want their site up. They don't really care how you do it. Sure, higher pageranks and faster product development cycles are good, but hardly quantifiable in dollars. In Singapore, an online presence is thought of as little more than a namecard. It's terribly shortsighted, but we aren't known to be very forward-thinking a people.
Here, to this audience, web standards offered something very, very prized. <strong>Less work, more control</strong>. And here in a government organisation, consistency in presentation is paramount. Web standards offer all that. A perfect fit.
I have much to thank God for. And I know that He is telling me to be as, if not more, enthusiastic about my faith as I am about web standards, my Macs or photography. After all, all these mundane details mean nothing if we haven't found the purpose of life itself.

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