Bumble Bore

Faith and I finally caught our first movie since Anne was born. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, of course. Rowling fans would have to admit that this is probably the poorest installment on print, meandering back and forth before finally heading into the story proper.
The movie was totally different. While Faith liked it (she didn't have the patience to finish the book), I found it a little too fast and hard; it was like watching a DVD on fast-forward. There's definitely too much material to fit into a single movie, but in my own opinion I thought the character development portion of the book should have made it to the big screen. Given its limitations, <acronym title="Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"> HPATGOF</acronym> did a satisfactory job of telling the story in two and a half hours.
My one big gripe is this: What's with Dumbledore?
I know the original actor is in a better place, but why is this new guy so … spritely? He's always jumping up and down, speaking too fast. In essence, he lacks the gravity I have come to expect from Dumbledore. Dumbledore, to me at least, comes across as very deliberate and thoughtful (thinking through everything, I don't mean considerate, although he is).
Next stop, some movie about a wardrobe.

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