Reality Bites

It's been a while, but I've come to realise some things, many of which come to me in the dead of night, sitting on a gym ball with an 8kg baby in my arms.
I realised that how a person breathes reveals a lot about the way a person lives.
We breathe way too fast a lot of the time. As if we were laying claim to a finite amount of air, and we could hoard more of it by breathing faster than the next person. Or some of us breath in deep and slow, but exhale fast, almost like a sigh. It is like one who'd much rather receive than give.
Take a deep breath. Go on. Fill those lungs slowly to their maximum capacity, then breath out slowly. I was struggling to breathe with abovesaid baby lying on my diaphragm when I decided to breath deliberately and slowly. It felt oddly liberating, like there was a whole world out there, an immense ether too much for me to ever fully absorb or comprehend.
You know what? There's enough air for all of us. God made it so.

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