James Seng Must Step Down

Some background for the sake of proper archiving. If you haven't witnessed the debacle at, this was the <a href="">original post</a>, and these were <a href="">the comments readers had</a>. <a href="">Kevin sums it all up</a> quite nicely.
But this much is now evident:
James Seng (affectionately known online as Jseng) needs to step down from his position as an editor on He has <a href="">a lot on his plate</a>, and I'm sure he could do with more time to play his World of Warcraft game.
It is fitting that Channel NewsAsia ran a story on the recently deceased President Devan Nair, that "he once said his only regret in life was to allow himself to be persuaded to occupy a highly ceremonial office so contradicted by his temperament". This is true of Jseng as well.
His online persona is caustic, in-your-face, inappropriate and unapologetic. Even people on his side of online arguments <a href="">wished "he'd shut up"</a>. He describes himself as "<a href="">an asshat</a>".
All these things make for a terrible community leader. He's probably a pretty good coder. I've seen his Movabletype anti-spam plugin and I must say I'm impressed. But as a moderator for, it's a bad fit. You don't call your users asshats, dim wits and idiots and get away with it. He has become detrimental to the community.
I would have left it were it not for the fact he moved all the comments from <a href="">the thread regarding the Idledays fund</a> to <a href="">"C'mon Let's All Bash"</a>, which he wrote.
This takes the cake. I'd have expected James Seng, of all people, to understand the tenets of data integrity. You do not change the content of a post because the comments didn't go your way. It's not just found in Journalism 101, it's Common-sense 101. He single-handedly labelled everyone's comments as bashing because he had the power to do so.
I'm asking that he either relinquish that power, or that it be taken away from him.
There are places asshats don't belong.

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