To My Wife,

My friend, my soulmate, my confidante, my partner.
The dawn of the last day of the year approaches. A few hours ago I walked home from a basketball game. I made a list of things that you'd done over the year that I was thankful for. I never quite finished the list, but I'm going to tell you the most important bits.
Thank you for supporting me, even when some of my ideas stunk. You always took time to listen to what I had to say, and went the extra mile with me, honestly sharing my misplaced hope that things would pan out. When they didn't, you never once did an "I told you so", but you gave me strength to pick myself up and try again.
Thank you for letting me do my own thing every now and then. Tonight when I played ball, you singlehandedly watched over Anne, put her to bed, did the laundry and even hung the clothes out to dry. The laundry was my job, but I came home, saw it done and felt lousy about myself.
I went to the bedroom where you were sleeping and kissed your forehead. You opened your eyes, smiled and told me that you love me. You didn't do the laundry to make me feel bad or ashamed, you did it out of love for me. I'm still amazed and very, very touched by that gesture.
You amaze me every moment of every day.
I love you.

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