Anne's First Pre-CNY

A photo-journey.
Hours before the reunion dinner Faith and I felt really cooped up at home and decided to head out to Suntec City. It was quite the gamble – the mall could be exceedingly crowded with people doing last minute shopping or that it would be empty, giving us a little reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life.
We didn't expect it to be this empty.
<img alt="The floor of Suntec City, devoid of people" src="" width="400" height="267" class="img-center" />
We expected some of the shops to be closed, but not the eating places! After all, what else do Singaporeans do besides eat? And if the eating places are closed, wouldn't we all lose our national pastime?
<img alt="Restaurants closed at Suntec City" src="" width="400" height="246" class="img-center" />
<img alt="Restaurants closed at Suntec City" src="" width="400" height="267" class="img-center" />
Ok, now we were getting a little desperate. We did come here looking for lunch.
We finally found an open Burger King, had our quick bite and took the bus home to rest a bit before the reunion dinner.
<img alt="Anne on the bus" src="" width="400" height="267" class="img-center" />

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