When asked what they look for in a potential partner, most, if not all singles reply, "a sense of humour".
What so important about this humour thing anyway? If you said you wanted your potential mate to be stinking rich, at least you're set for life as far as material goods are concerned. But humour? It doesn't even cure the common cold, despite what a zillion copies of Readers' Digest claims. What makes all of us value it so much? Are we genetically predisposed to choose someone who's funny?
If we're to believe in Darwin's theory of natural selection and what-not, here's my take on it: humour is the truest test of intelligence. University degrees, PhDs, IQ tests are all nonsense. I'm sure many of you can write up a list of names of highly educated people who turned out to be idiots. Can't think of one? Let me help you out here: what was the name of your ex-boss again?
It's not easy being funny. And just being funny isn't enough. The level of humour is important too. Slapstick is good for a laugh but it gets old fast. Then you have those guys who are witty. They are always great fun at parties. But seriously though, if you can find a guy who does Deuce Bigalow slapstick while quoting Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, you have yourself a keeper.
That said, most girls eventually settle for witty. Because he seemed nice to be with at the party. He was such a hoot.
Ten years later, you kick yourself in the behind for marrying such a sarcastic s.o.b. who hasn't stopped making fun of your dress sense since you wore the wedding gown.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

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