When you look at the cross-strait relations between Singapore and Malaysia, it feels like a bunch of Primary school kids trying to one-up each other.
<a href="">Malaysia plans 'crooked' bridge</a>.
So the gist of it is this: Singapore and Malaysia are connected by a causeway which was built too low to allow ships to pass. Singapore has been profitting from this because ships need to go around Singapore rather than through the Straits. Malaysia wants to rebuild the causeway into a bridge high enough for ships to pass but Singapore doesn't. Malaysia decides to tear down their half of the causeway and build a bridge anyway. In order to accomodate the necessary height in such a short span (their half) of a bridge, the Malaysian side would have to curve. This prompts some Singaporean "source" to hint that this is because Singaporeans are straight while Malaysians are crooked.
Do you remember those idiotic kids on the bus who refused to budge just to spite the other kid?

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