Of Green Gables Fame

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Sorry, I just couldn't resist.
On Thursday, Anne was down with a fever. Faith and I thought little of it until she threw up thrice at night. At about 2 in the morning we decided to take her to the children's hospital.
The roads were empty, and you'd expect the children's hospital to be quite desolate at that time of night. When the sliding doors open, it felt like we were walking into Disneyland. There were children everywhere, usuallly accompanied by at least one very tired looking adult. Most of the kids looked worse for the wear, some lying down on the seats with their heads propped on the lap of their fathers. Others were asleep in their mothers' arms. Then there was Anne.
Even with a relatively high fever, this little sparkplug was still the life of the party. She was busy looking around at her fallen (asleep) comrades, occasionally waving her plump little arm vigorously. With so much visual stimulation, she didn't look like she was about to sleep. It didn't seem like she needed any, despite having been up all this time.
The doctor required a urine sample, so we sat around waiting for Anne to do her thing in some plastic contraption that looked like a used condom tucked into her diaper. We checked it every five minutes, hoping for rain to fall so we could have the diagnosis and head home.
About two hours passed and the drought continued. We went in to see the doctor to tell him we had given up waiting. He said the probability of Anne having a urinary tract infection was small, then gave us instructions on how to collect a urine sample from her at home if we wanted to bring it in for testing in the morning.
"You have to observe her and wait for her to pee. Then you need to use this sterilised container and collect it mid-stream. You don't want the pee that comes out first. You have to wait a while."
I know this guy works with kids on a day to day basis, but does he have any idea how hard that is? Faith and I kinda laughed it off and said we'd observe her. The catching urine in mid-air thing was above and beyond our hand-eye coordination.
Anne's still running a temperature and is a little crankier at times, but generally fine. Thank you for all your prayers and text messages. You guys rock.

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