Hear Me Out

We're barely toe deep in 2006, and we're already starting to kill each other.
Freedom – the right to do whatevere I want, let no one stop me. When will the west learn that you can't trample on others without repercussion? Yes they say that they merely drew offensive cartoons, nothing compared to the retaliatory arson, kidnappings and murders. But don't they understand that words move the heart? Don't they believe that their art affects people? Or do they pen their works, believing daily in the impotence of its form, such that they are now so appalled that anyone could have taken their life work so seriously?
What other purpose did the cartoon serve, except to put down the beliefs of a multitude different in skin colour, different in upbringing, different? Was it necessary to utter the ink-strained sound, merely to justify one's existence in the world? Do you talk just to be heard?
Then you have the sell-outs. <a href="">Google censors itself for China</a>. Google, by its censorship, warps time and space, rewrites history books. Google essentially makes itself a search engine to a parallel universe – a communist disneyland (such a strong oxymoron) in order to gain a foothold in China. Data integrity? Zilch. Integrity? About as empty as a Google search page without data.
Then you have the over-eager ones. <a href="">Yahoo <strong>allegedly</strong> provides China information leading to the arrest of a journalist</a>. It almost reads like a real-world remake of Star Wars. Is Yahoo!'s right to divulge this information? Isn't it Yahoo!'s freedom of speech? Why should they keep quiet when there's a gadzillion dollars at stake?
We should all do well to go back to the basics.
Don't talk with your mouth full.

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