Gadgets and Gadgetry

Over the last day and a half, I've been slaving away on my Apple. I emerge with great news.
Announcing the launch of <a href=""></a>, a place for the geek speak which brings about a hushed silence here in Tribolum. No longer will you be bored with entries of RSS feeds or my take on the deranged ramblings of <a href="">godfather Zeldman</a>. Tribolum will continue to contain the other stuff – mostly accounts (videos or otherwise) of adventures of amazing Anne, and how Faith and I try to keep up.
If you've any good tech-related news, feel free to <a href="">contact us folks at websg</a>. I am joined by the unnaturally effusive (it's unnatural when she's effusive) and internetologically brilliant <a href="">Vantan</a>.
We will be blogging live from <a href="">SXSWi</a>, bringing you the latest and greatest.

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