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My Reminder

"will love you, cherish you, keep you honour you, obey you…<strong>obey you</strong>?"
This part of the traditional Christian wedding vow never fails to elicit little semi-silent squeals of protests among the female portion of the congregation. It makes women feel "second class", or lower than their male counterparts.
Faith spoke those words. Rather than feeling a self-satisfying lordship over her, like most female protestants (not speaking of the denomination here) among the congregation would imagine, at that point I felt the greatest responsibility placed upon my shoulders to protect the woman before me; my wife, the most beautiful and fragile of flowers, yet in whose heart held the most resilient sincerity.<blockquote>"They made the bronze basin and its bronze stand from the mirrors of the women who served at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting." – Exodus 38:8</blockquote>
The bronze basin that stood before the tabernacle of the people of Israel back in the days of Moses was made out of the bronze mirrors which belonged to the women who served at the entrance. Women weren't allowed to serve in the temple, but these women gave up their mirrors for the making of the basin.
Everytime a priest came to serve at the temple, he had to wash his hands and his feet at this bronze basin. And everytime he approached the basin, he would see his own reflection upon it and see how dirty his hands and feet were. On a deeper level, he would be reminded of how these women gave up their love of themselves to serve God in whatever way they could, and his holiness would be judged against their sincerity.
Dearest Faith, I know that I'm far from being the perfect godly husband. Thank you for being patient with me, being kind when I fail and always reminding me that what is important lies in the eternal and not only in the present.
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Happy birthday, most beautiful girl in all of the world. God watch over you till we meet again.

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