No Brainer

Now standing on the other side of the fence, I realise that while clients pay vendors for their expertise, there are cases in which expert advice can be misconstrued. An experienced vendor may be able to point out ways to save costs and effort, sometimes steering clients away from what can be a blatantly stupid idea. I know, because there have been countless times I've asked clients to settle for the more efficient solution. I didn't realise that some clients perceive such advice as the vendor trying to shirk away from hard work.
Though it is quite typically Singaporean to squeeze every drop of blood to get a good bargain, I must admit that I was totally oblivious to the possibility that sometimes all clients want is a work-horse.
Just do as we say, don't question our decisions. Even if you were sure we couldn't smash right through the brick wall, we'd like to see you break your head on it because we told you to.
Because to some of us, that's value for money.

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