PS, Wii Think You're Screwed

I've been thinking of getting a console for some time now. I'm a PC gamer, having used customised rigs since the beginning of time. When most kids my age owned a Super Nintendo, I was saving up for the first 3D accelerated graphics card available on the market. I just had to see MechWarrior constructed out of huge jaggied 3D polygons. The console seemed like a step back – throwing everything I've learned over more than 3 quarters of my life and taking the easy way out.
Now older and increasingly less energetic, the console means not having to think of upgrading my PC, which is now 3 years old and has a graphics card (GeForce 5200) Felix just described as "bleeding old". I don't play as many games as I used to, mostly switching between NBA Live and…. well, NBA Live. I no longer have the inclination to take on epic games that require many hours straight. NBA Live in 30 minute installments before reading up on the countless stuff I have interests in (damn you <a href="">Digg</a>!) and picking up skills to create web solutions to fully flesh out ideas I have at work.
Anyway, back to consoles. I've been holding out on the Xbox 360 because the Playstation 3 was supposed to be out. It's now slated for November, which isn't too far away, but comes with a $599 USD pricetag, which in my opinion is too much for my wallet to bear. Sony's Ken Kutaragi saying that the <a href="">PS3's announced price was too cheap</a> was rubbing salt in my imaginary wound. The 360, to be quite honest, is a steal.
As you probably already know, I'm not a big Microsoft fan. But with the whole <a href="">Sony rootkit</a> fiasco, we can safely say that both companies aren't exactly the whitest of sheep.
Who comes out the winner? From the blind side comes the <a href="">Nintendo Wii</a>. Sure, it's a stupid name, but there's something very disarming about it. While Sony and Microsoft go for war, Nintendo seems to have the focus right – they come across as really wanting to make great games for their users. It may not have the graphical power the other two consoles boast, but graphics only get you so far. Now older and wiser, I'm in it for gameplay and storytelling. Dynamic lighting and transparency effects are nice, but they get old quick.
I'm still thinking of getting the 360 though. It's a great price for what is essentially a souped up PC.

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