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I don't use vulgarities much, but there is no other way of expressing the level of incredulity currently running through my being. So if strong language bothers you, don't proceed any further.
You are absolutely shitting me.
<a href="">James Gomez was arrested after the elections</a> for "criminal intimidation". If charged, he could be jailed for 7 years.
A large part of PAP rhetoric this time round has been along the lines of "what we promise, we deliver". Then there was the whole character assassination of James Gomez which took up a considerable chunk of what could have been useful discourse. Make no doubt about it – James Gomez was delivered a swift kick to the balls. This reveals the moral fibre of the ruling party, and that wearing an all-white ensemble only means having to use more bleach.
It has been so hard to write anything upbeat during election week. There is so much ugliness, and we the common people have to contend with the fact that these are the best we've got. These are our leaders.I'm very politically naive, and in all probability not very well-informed. Maybe some of you out there are too. Maybe some of you have the answers to my questions.
Why are people who vote for a non-PAP representative given sub-standard governmental help to better their living conditions? Why aren't they given the same level of funding, the same level of support?
During the election rallies, big shot ministers were implying that they'd heed their fellow PAP friends' requests more readily than that of a non-PAP member of Parliament. These guys are supposed to be the cream of the crop. They are paid more in a year than some of us in a lifetime. Don't they understand that whether the requests come from a PAP or non-PAP MP, the requests really come from the people of Singapore? Don't they realise that the people of Singapore are their employers?
If you were a lowly webmaster at a huge multinational organisation and the CEO gave you specific instructions to do something, would you disregard it because it came via a manager you couldn't get along with? This isn't a good enough analogy because the requests that come from the people of Singapore have to do with real problems and not just monetary gain. And the PAP threatens to cut these people off from the main supply lines out of bloody spite that they didn't choose a PAP guy.
Not only is it childish in a "I don't friend you anymore because you friend him" sort of way, but it's pure vindictive. And now the "forgot to pass up homework" bodoh James Gomez is getting sodomised by the PAP who seems intent on driving a cement mixer up his ass.
Believe it or not, there was a time I would have considered donning the all-white to serve the citizens of Singapore. Then somewhere between Primary school and now I grew up.
I still think they did a stellar job bringing us to where we are now. But I'm not so sure about the future. I'm not in Primary school anymore.

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