Walk in the Park

Things have been close to crazy around here.
The farmers who had been preparing their crops for the harvest had everything ready, only to find out that the carpenters in the village planned to tear down the barn where the grain was to be stored. It wouldn't have been so much of a problem if the farmers had adequate time to find other places to store the grain. Everything…<strong>everything</strong> that the farmers had been working towards now meant nothing if the grain couldn't be stored for the winter months. What is worse, some of the carpenters were helping out in preparing for the harvest. It didn't even occur to them that the tearing down of the barn, which they too were a part of, would affect their co-workers so adversely.
In other news, Anne has begun to choose walking as her primary means of locomotion. Everything happens so quickly; life happens so quickly. She walks a few steps, then the next few days we receive word from our parents that she walked more than twenty steps unassisted. We've stopped counting. All this happened in a span of a few weeks.
Faith has been thinking of maybe working part-time to spend more time with Anne. Much as I enjoy my job, the reality of it is I am quite significantly underpaid for the kind of work I provide. Money hasn't been an issue thus far, but it would help if the compensation matched what the stuff I bring to work everyday. I'd love to be able to give Faith the option of spending time with Anne during these formative years.
God has been faithful in big things and small. We just have to trust.

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