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Some informal thoughts on PR Academy's conference on <a href="">New Media: The New Frontier In Communications And PR</a> while I compile my notes on what the speakers covered.
It was a meeting of traditional media practitioners and new media practitioners. Journalists and bloggers. Though some of the more enlightened argued that the dichotomy between old media and new media didn't really exist, it was quite evident there was a clear divide. There were whispers of war.
I twice overheard traditional media people telling each other that most stuff on the blogosphere was trash. Then Margaret Thomas from Mediacorp said it out loud on stage. <a href="">Miyagi</a> came across (to me) as rather snide when he told Margaret that Straits Times Interactive was digging its own grave by charging a subscription fee. A few hours later, a blogger who was at the conference <a href="">wrote about how she had to refrain from rolling her eyes or giggling</a> when the traditional media folk didn't seem to know what RSS was.
They (traditional media folk) laugh at us and label us as infantile, while we laugh that they seem so slow on the uptake when it comes to technologies millions use on a daily basis.
But we have to see that both camps need each other.
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