Prof Tommy Koh's Welcome Remarks

Live blogging from the Institute of Policy Studies' Post-Election Forum. These are my views, sometimes writing down what is currently being said. It's a bad mishmash and not to be quoted without first obtaining the actual footage or transcripts, reading / hearing it for yourself, and making up your own mind.
Professor Tommy Koh was giving out nametags at the beginning of the forum. A great example of a high level civil servant who does not fear to get his feet wet. I like.
In his welcoming remarks, Prof Koh lists many question which are very pertinent to what the Singapore people really want to know. For example, why didn't the involvement of popular Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong in Potong Pasir and Hougang make a difference? Did it backfire? And he also mentioned his puzzlement at the Gomez incident. He does qualify, however, that these are questions and not his views. "Is the drawing of electoral boundaries a disease we cannot get rid of?" But he maintains that this is prevalent in many countries, not just limited to Singapore.
Prof Koh balances out the questions with a list of qualities Singapore possesses:
<ul><li>Every adult has a right to vote</li>
<li>Your vote is secret</li>
<li>Opposition parties have a right to run for office</li>
<li>We have an independent judiaciary</li>
<li>We are governed by law</li></ul>

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