The Changing Nature of Politics in Singapore

<h4>Points from Speech by Dr Terence Chong, Fellow, Regional Social and Cultural Studies, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies</h4>
Wooing of young voters not limited to Singapore, it is done worldwide. There are certain local characteristics as well. Reasons why wooing the young vote is in:
<ul><li>In terms of sheer numbers, young voters make an important voting bloc</li>
<li>It is a useful catalyst for political discourse. Wooing the young signals the move from MM Lee to PM Lee's different style</li>
<li>The PAP has always been concerned with being relevant in its renewal</li></ul>
It is hard to see them as a coherent and cohesive group, but there are some similarities. They openly acknowledge that the PAP is doing a good job, but believe that a multi-party state is necessary for democracy. They want real political choice.
The recent elections have shown that they still vote based on bread and butter issues. This shows that the shift towards a post-material society may not be fully fledged. The PAP needs to move from a heavy-handed approach to a lighter approach if it wants to appeal to the younger voters.

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