Burn Out

Oft in one's work you endure, waiting for the ginormous project to end – the one you've been grinding out day after day after day. Then when the fateful day comes and you passed with relatively flying colours there's the huge sense of relief; you can <strong>finally</strong> get some much needed sleep and take things a little easier from here. But like rainy days, you don't see this one coming. A ginormous-er project hits you hard across the forehead, with the usual deadline-was-yesterday crapola.
Love for the work can only take you so far. Sometimes you need to take time to be a little depressed. It didn't help that Faith will be home late, and I'll be returning to an empty home with plumbing to fix. It doesn't get more depressing than
<img alt="a finished mcdonald's dinner" src="" width="400" height="300" class="img-center" />
And the curly fries aren't even good. With every bite I know I'm closer to making my heart go into cardiac arrest. I look around me and it's all similar depressed people eating McD's on a weekday night.
I head home, got the pipe fixed and waiting for the return of my Faith, and I mean it both ways. Thank God she came home earlier than I expected.
Then somehow life isn't so bad.
I managed to squeeze in a day's leave, declaring my absence for a whole day's worth of meetings. We'll be taking Anne swimming in a few minutes. Pictures to follow.

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