After a tough day at work – getting my perfectly validated code torn to shreds after emailing it to a vendor to put it up – getting on a crowded train really doesn't lighten my mood. I don't mind standing the whole way. I'm sure there are a lot of people who need the seats more than I do. It's the idiots you meet on the train that you feel like killing, but haven't the energy to do so. Yes I'm talking to you, the muscleman in the World Gym tank top sitting in front of the very pregnant lady.
Then at the entrance of the train there's the Secondary school kid who insists on sitting on the floor, blocking a third of the entrance. He refuses to get off his butt and looks around when people have problems getting in and out of the train.
Oh, and there's the pole dance. Here's a photo to utterly kill your appetite and help you lose weight.
<img alt="Not so skinny woman hogging a pole on the MRT" src="" width="400" height="300" class="img-center" />
I was minding my own business, holding on to the pole so I wouldn't accidentally fall on the stupid boy sitting at the entrance, when this woman decided to align her butt crack with the part of the pole I was holding. I was <strong>this</strong> close to chewing her head off.
I probably need to up my thyroid meds. Or migrate.

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