It's the taught that counts

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The major academic junctures in my life play out like reruns of a bad movie: There I'd be, waiting for the result slip of the major examination I spent the last few years preparing for. And when I finally held it in my hands there'd be that tinge of excitement, fear and uncertainty. I'd walk out of school a little zombified, my finite mind trying to compute the infinite combinations life presented me at that point.
Months would pass before I realised I never did thank my teachers for the years they had to put up with me. While I had invested years of my life into the rather selfish pursuit of my own education, they had invested years of their life hoping we'd make it in life, whatever that meant.
They are our surrogate parents, the ones who bear the weight of educating us, often never seeing the fruit of their labour.
Over the past few weeks I've been slaving night and day, getting the site ready for launch. Unlike most of the other sites I've worked on professionally, I had a personal stake in this one. It was my way of saying thanks to all the teachers I've ever had in my life.
I invite you to <a href="">leave your own note of thanks on</a>. We'll be running the whole hullabaloo of radio and print ads as well.

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